20 maart: JazzForum & Première Imagine Raymond

jazzforumNaast het organiseren van jazzconcerten helpt JazzLab Series ook de jazzsector als dusdanig zich te profileren. Op 20 maart 2018 organiseert JazzLab Series samen met Kunstenpunt het vierde Jazz Forum op Leuven Jazz (Schouwburg). JazzForum is een ontmoetingsevent waar de hele muzieksector op uitgenodigd wordt: van muzikanten, over journalisten tot managers en programmatoren. De komende jaren bouwen we, in nauw overleg met muzikanten en collega’s, verder aan dit soort meetings, waarop steeds meer op concretere wensen en werkpunten van de sector zal ingegaan worden.

20 maart 2018 @ Leuven Jazz (Bondgenotenlaan 21, Leuven)

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• Registration/reception: 11h30
• Sandwich buffet: 12h
• Part one: 13h-14h30 (plenary session)

13h-14h30: Women in Jazz (plenary session)
Women are underrepresented in jazz, but it does not make sense to point the finger at promoters and festival organisers and wave with quota to get more women on stage. The lack of jazz women is the result of an intricate chain of factors that starts as early as education. We invite Issie Barratt (UK) to present her view on this issue and some inspiring practices to turn it around. After her presentation, a panel moderated by Lies Steppe will further discuss this, with Anneleen Boehme, Yannick Peeters, Alain Pierre, Maarten van Rousselt and Maaike Wuyts.

• Network moment + pitches (drink): 14h30-15h30
• Part two: 15h30-17h (two parallel sessions)

Session 1: Tips & tricks
In this session we mainly inform you about possibilities in the sector and discuss examples of good practices. Lobke Aelbrecht will present some useful websites, conferences, networks etc. that can be of use for every (future) jazz professional. Hendrik De Rycker (Rockoco) tells us how he tackles the promotion for bands such as STUFF. and hoera., and Steve Dancz talks discusses the importance of education in a talk entitled Cultivating the Mind of Entrepreneurship: The Artist’s Journey: Tips & Tools to assist musicians on the creative path toward a sustainable career.

Session 2: News Ways to an audience
This session gives an insight into new and inspiring ways to reach an audience, as a musician, as a label, as an organiser. These days there are many alternative ways to experience music. At the same time it is important to ask ourselves how far we want to take this and whether or not it takes away from the music itself.
We invited Tin Men And The Telephone (NL) and Bert Cools (tbc) from granvat to talk about their practice and experiences, and Henri Vandenberghe (Brosella, Djangofollies) will tell us about alternative formats for organising concerts and festivals. After their presentations there is a public debate and questions from the audience.

• Concert (Imagine Raymond): 17h / 17h30


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