Schntzl is a duo consisting of Casper Van De Velde on percussion and Hendrik Lasure on keyboards. They have been playing together since they were in their early teens. Their music has a certain coziness, electronic sound sources blended with intimate acoustic sounds. Song forms and musique concrete, at the same time catchy and abstract. The two musicians play with and against each other, taking risks, creating a romantic kind of electronic chamber jazz. The music maintains a careful balance of freedom and

In 2016, schntzl made a big entrance with their self-titled debut album. Four years later, ‘Catwalk’ appeared,¬†larded with post-classical music, electronics and dreamy pop. In the meantime, Casper and Hendrik have broadened their creative range by also appearing in diverse bands such as the An Pierl√© Quartet, Donder and Bombataz.